“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

For those of you living on the west coast watching the news in your comfortable mild temperatures of 50’s – 60’s or even 70’s-80’s, you have no idea what cold weather is.  You really have nothing to complain about.  Don’t even talk to me about 30-40 degree temps.  That’s balmy compared to what we’ve been dealing with here in New York recently.  For about 10 days we dealt with temperatures brought on by something called the “Polar Vortex” dun dun dduuuhhhnnnn   Yes, the name itself brings to mind catastrophic cold weather colliding with ….with…um more cold weather.   Our high one day was 4, with a wind chill of -17.  Yes, -17…and New Yorkers layered on the clothes, hats, and scarves and braved the freezing temperatures despite the warnings.  We were told to stay inside and not to spend more than 10-15 minutes outside at a time.


Naturally my first instinct was to stay inside and listen to the warnings.  I’m a wimp where cold weather is concerned.  But there was a part of me that was curious what below zero temps felt like.  Our proximity to the subway station is such that we are approximately 100 steps to the station so our exposure to the elements is very limited.  Something we looked for when searching for an apartment.  My husband bundled up and headed off to work each morning and was able to make it to and from work each day with minimal exposure to the cold.  I however had a doctor’s appointment to get to on a day that was 11 with a 0 degree windchill.  So, I layered on the Heat Tech turtleneck, wool sweater, leggings, jeans, Sorel boots, hat, wool scarf and heavy jacket and glove liners and gloves and headed out the door.



As I headed up the block I’m thinking, “I can handle this….not too bad..”  By the time I got half way there, my cheeks were burning and my legs were so cold!  I made it there just fine.  I made it back as well despite the headwind making the tears in my eyes feeling like ice.  Thankfully the Polar Vortex has passed temporarily and we have milder temps for now….37 today….  The second wave of the Polar Vortex returns next week and that means more wonderful super cold weather fashion which I intend to try and record, unless my camera or fingers freeze up.  And yes it did snow…looked so beautiful, but so dangerous and icy.



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