The BIG trip to Europe (Planning)

I’d been planning for months.  My first trip to Europe.  My husband’s first trip too, or as he dubbed it, “A for better for worse moment”.  He wasn’t as interested as going but finally agreed and so we were off.  I booked a trip through a travel company, “The London/Paris Week”.  We would have 3 days in London and 3 days in Paris.  On the first full day in each city there would be a general tour of the city and the tourist highlights.  The rest of the time we were on our own to choose from a variety of excursions or wander and explore.  

As luck would have it, my niece is currently an au pair in Munich.  For her birthday my sister and her husband planned to join her there for a vacation.  Knowing this bit of information I asked them if they would mind me tagging along.  They planned on renting an apartment in Munich so I knew there’d be room for me.   They also planned to spend a few days in Vienna and they agreed to include me.  My husband couldn’t take that much time away from work so it was just me.  

OK, tour-check, plane tickets-check, train tickets-check—-> packed and ready to go!!  And yes, I carried my luggage on!  



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