GO TEAM- New York style!

I have always been a sports fan.  I grew up watching football with my dad on Sunday afternoons.  I’d watch tennis with my mom and she’d comment on how rude Jimmy Connors was or how cute Chris Evert looked.

I never really followed baseball or basketball until my sons started playing T-ball and YMCA basketball.  We lived in Bakersfield at the time and due to its proximity to Los Angeles, became Dodgers and Lakers fans.  I use the term “we” loosely.  Let’s just say when we moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area I no longer cared about Los Angeles teams.

Now that I’m living in New York with my husband, this city and its rabid sports fans have somehow made me want to watch baseball and actually go to a hockey game!  Seriously!??

It all started with the 2011 Super Bowl.  The New York Giants beat the (hated) New England Patriots.  Yes, I’m still bitter over the ridiculous call in the now infamous “Tuck Rule Game” between the Raiders and the Patriots in 2001 AFC Divisional Playoffs.  Sorry, I digress.   We were in temporary housing about 2 blocks off Times Square.  When the final whistle blew and the Giants were crowned the winners, we headed over to Times Square to get the New York victory experience.


Every electric billboard screamed NEW YORK GIANTS SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!  Everyone was cheering and yelling and hugging.  It was crazy!  I was hooked.

Once we settled into our apartment we decided to go to a Yankee game.  We picked a game against the Oakland A’s.  East vs. West.   We rode the subway up to the park with other fans and I actually got really excited to see the World Famous Yankees play in their new stadium.  It is quite a place.  In my opinion the selection of food at ATT Park is better.  It’s hard to beat Gordon Biersch Garlic Fries.  We’re actually headed back in a couple of weeks to see the Giants play.  I WILL be wearing my Giants World Series hat!


Not only have I become interested in following New York’s baseball teams, I also want to go to a Knicks game as well as a Brooklyn Nets game.  Jason Kidd from UC Berkeley is the new coach for the Nets!  I was here for the whole “LinSanity” hype.  It was crazy.  The entire city had become fans of this tall, lanky guy and everyone was coming up with “Lin-isms”.

Image          Image

Next came Tebow.  This city is so sports crazy that they even thought that Tebow was good!!  That is until they saw him play.  I do have to say, the New York Post and the Daily News are pure genius in their covers.  It makes it so much fun to follow sports.  They have the best sports writers in the city.

I have even attended the U.S. Open Tennis in Queens.  Super easy trip on the 7 train out to the tennis complex.  I really have enjoyed going to the matches and becoming familiar with the players.  FYI, I’m a big Nadal fan.


So here’s the real shocker….I want to go to a New York Rangers game.  YES!  HOCKEY!  Thanks to my son I am now becoming interested in following hockey.  He’s been a San Jose Sharks fan for a long time.  He and his girlfriend are BIG fans actually.   I’ll have to ask them to give me a crash course in what to watch for in games.

I don’t know what it is about New York, but I’m now more open to watching a Yankees game or a Knicks game.  During the different sports seasons fans show their allegiance to the Jets or Giants, Yankees or Mets, Knicks or Nets, etc.  I now own a Jets, Rangers and US Open tee shirt.  So far….

Since this is the first official day of the start of football season, GO JETS!!  GO GIANTS!!

(go raiders)

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