Cowgirl Please


If anyone has attended a country music concert they know that there is a certain style of dress that has become standard for women to wear.  In its basic form it’s a short skirt, shorts or dress, tank top, or skimpy tee, cowboy hat and boots.  Over the last two years the crocheted dress has become popular.  Well in Nashville, the 2013 CMA Music Festival brought out the cowgirl in everyone.  Let’s see, the boots were a big item this year.  All shapes, colors and sizes were on display.

Image Image Image Image

The outfits worn this week were very entertaining.  Many women “made it work” to quote the fashion guru Tim Gunn.  They put together a great look.  I admire those brave women who showed great confidence in their fashion choices. Image Image Image

I love this woman who was so wonderful.  She wore this outfit proudly! Image Image Image

In my opinion, this woman was best dressed for the week.

And here is the runner up. Image

Then there are these two guys who walked around mocking the “uniform” of most of the women this week. Image

Then you had these folks, they were looking for tips if you took your picture with them. Image Image

And finally, there’s this guy we dubbed, “Mr. Weed”.  Words escape me. Image

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