To New Yorkers rain is an annoyance.   Nothing stops us from going out and seizing the day.  It just means throwing an umbrella in your bag and wearing something that will keep you dry.  It’s been raining here in the Big Apple for a couple of days, and I don’t mean a light rain.  I mean heavy downpours that soak through just about anything you wear to protect yourself.  It’s a perfect opportunity to observe fashion choices.

A nice bright color rain slicker and polka dot boots make people smile as they walk by.  It adds a ray of sunshine to a dreary day.


A great pop of color cheers everyone up.


Rain boots are a big fashion statement here.  There’s the basic “Hunter” boots and there’s the fancy, colorful ones….



The bright ones…


And the …. wait, someone forgot to include rain boots on their rainy day outfit check list.  Someone’s going to have wet feet.


Then there’s the umbrella….don’t leave home without it in spring in NYC.



Everyone has one….


Nothing stops the moms and nannies from taking the little ones out for some fresh air.


Even dogs have raincoats.  The dog walker also looks ready for the elements.


Here’s a darling young lady with bright green “froggy” boots.  I also love the horse themed raincoat.  I would have loved this jacket when I was little!Image

Finally, this look made me smile.  I love when someone tries to color coordinate their outfits.  Sometimes it’s too “match-matchy” and other times it really works.  You decide.  (I also was pleasantly surprised by the framing of the picture.  Completely unintentional)


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