Spring is finally here!

So spring in NYC has been slow to show itself.  Temps have barely crawled out of the 50’s and if they do reach 60+, the wind brings it right back down to COLD!  Today, however, was glorious!  Up in the upper 60’s actually flirting with 70.  I decided to go walk in Central Park to see spring in all it’s glory.

Beautiful flowers were blooming all around me!



So I wasn’t the only one out enjoying this beautiful day.  This person decided to sunbathe.  Now, at first I couldn’t tell if this was a guy or a girl. I’m thinking guy, look at the hairy legs. Either way, this belongs by a pool, not on the lawn.


Then there was this guy.  He was posing by the lake while a woman was taking pictures.  Interesting outfit, curious why he was dressed that way.


So as I was heading back to the train I passed a few women who caught my attention.

I’m not sure why this woman had purple streaks in her hair.  It looked out of place on someone her age.


This woman chose an unfortunate hair color.  To me it can only be described as mustard yellow.


And finally, the 5th Ave. Abercrombie & Fitch store always has a line out front with a red velvet rope to keep the line against the building.  Now personally, I’m not a fan, and usually the crowd out front is composed of twenty somethings and/or tourists.  These women were not with kids, and waiting in line with a suitcase, messenger bag & handbag.  I can’t imagine what they expected to see inside.  If it’s like any other chain store they’re all alike.


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