Saratoga Springs

Ever since moving to New York City we have been trying to learn as much as we can about the history of the city and the surrounding area.   One of our favorite go to TV shows is the PBS series “Treasures of New York”.   Recently we watched a piece on the town of Saratoga Springs and the famous Saratoga Racetrack.   We fell in love with the thoroughbred horse racing track’s story and wonderful history. It opened in 1863 and is the second oldest track in the country and the oldest sporting venue of any kind in the country! As we often do we said to ourselves, “We need to go there”.

Fast forward a few months and I’m surfing the web for concerts in the area and low and behold James Taylor is performing in Saratoga Springs. We are so there! I snatch up fan club seats (yes I’m a fan club member) and start looking for a place to stay. I come across a hotel walking distance from the performing arts venue. How could I not book a room there?


Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa is actually located in the Saratoga Spa State Park. It is 75 years old and surrounded by beautiful walking trails, a golf coarse, and natural mineral baths.   The hotel itself has kept its original charm in the architecture and design. It blends the old and new perfectly.

. IMG_4188           IMG_4189

Little did we know when we booked our stay that it was the opening weekend of horse racing at Saratoga Race Track!!   The town was hosting one big party for everyone, the “Hats Off to Saratoga” Music Festival. Friday night the main drag downtown, Broadway, was sectioned off and every other block or so there was a live band. All genres were represented, blues, indy-pop, alt. rock, barbershop and rock ‘n’ roll. We happened to catch a bit of The El Dorados.


Saturday morning we decided to check out the racetrack.  It was opening day, why not? The first thing we noticed as we waited in the lobby for the shuttle was I most likely was going to be the only one without a hat, and I was going to be underdressed. There was an amazing hat shop in the hotel lobby and a great display case of hats.  Unfortunately they were way out of my price range so I took my chances and went without.

IMG_4228IMG_4226  IMG_4225 

The second sign was the four women who we rode in the shuttle with to the racetrack. They were “dressed to kill”. I mean it was like they were going to the Kentucky Derby. At least that’s what I was thinking. I took a picture of them in front of the entrance to the racetrack. They had matching hats for their dresses as well. Looking around it was about 50/50 on who was decked out and who was dressed for comfort.  I was safe dressed in my shorts and tee shirt.

IMG_4197 - Version 4

What an amazing venue. You could feel the history just walking into the place. Men in coat and tie with ladies in beautiful dresses and hats to match. We wandered into the betting area and just stood and looked around. People sitting with their papers marking their choices, others were standing at the windows placing their bets. We decided to place a bet on a race. We don’t know a thing about horse racing so we decide to guess. We picked the 4th horse in the second race to win. That’s it, $2 to win, only to win. 



We walk around to the track, and were able to get right up to the railing.



So nervous…..wait…there’s an inner grass/turf track as well, and that is where “our” race is…ok..



Duooooohhhh….he came in 3rd!!!!!! Oh well. Ok, off to find food.  


Would you look there…Poutine! And not just one kind either.


If you’ve never heard of Poutine then get ready to hear of, IMO, a stomach churning, and in my sons’ and husband’s opinion delicious meal.   It’s French fries, gravy and cheese curds all together. But wait! Look at all those other options available!!

Um….I’ll pass and get something else thank you.  Mac n’ Cheese with bacon tasted much better!

After our lunch we walked back over to the track and decided to bet on good ol’ number 4 again in the next two races to win, place or show. We figured we’d cover all three this time. Well, not so lucky. In race 5, number 4 came in second to last. In race 6, the number 4 horse tripped and threw the jockey who then had to be carried off the track in an ambulance.   We stopped betting after that. We decided we were bad luck. One last thought though…the big stakes race of the weekend, the #4 horse won….


On our way out we strolled around the grounds and checked out the picnic area. It reminded us of our swim team days and those awful two day meets where you’re there from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm. Tents, people and picnic tables were everywhere. One group even had a bar! Now I wish we had one of those at the swim meets!


Saw this on the way out…..if only I had seen it when we were looking for food, but somehow it wouldn’t have been right to have a Shake Shack burger at the racetrack.


Saturday night we walked over to the Performing Arts Center to see James Taylor. He never disappoints. The sax player in the band that night was “Blue” Lou Marini from The Blues Brothers, and Blood Sweat & Tears among other bands. Great evening!


My husband wanted to share a walk he discovered on his morning walkabouts, so as we drove out we paused by a path leading into the woods.  It was like entering another world.  That’s kind of how we felt staying at Gideon Putnam Hotel. We will definitely return and take more walks into the forest as well as try a soak in the healing mineral baths.


Nice Boot


With all the cold weather we’ve been having, the sidewalks have become a danger zone.  People everywhere are slipping, falling, sliding, and generally walking very slowly instead of the usual fast pace New York is known for.  Winter boot sales are way up.  Which brings me to the unveiling of my latest acquisition.


Yes a “beautiful” genuine boot/cast for a fractured foot.  Just over 3 weeks ago I fractured the 4th and 5th metatarsal bones and strained the ligament along my left foot.  Since the injury I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect story to explain how it happened.


I could say I went sledding in Central Park and had a particularly awesome run that ended badly.


Let’s see, I was training for the Olympics, but I haven’t been ice skating since high school.


The common sense reason is I slipped on the ice,  so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’m about half way through a 4-6 week recovery.  Hopefully the bones are healing as they should and I can travel in March as planned.  This may explain why I haven’t been posting pictures of all this wonderful snow we’ve been having.  Believe me I’ve wanted to go to Central Park and walk around to see the beautiful trees and landscape.   My husband says it’s a mixed blessing because I may be saving myself from a more serious injury.  I have been reading more books and catching up on movies.

Thank goodness for the Olympics!!!!  I have to say I am loving Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir in the afternoon with their fashion sense, and their great insight and commentary for figure skating!!!    I mean, COME ON!!!  This is awesome!  It’s like he can’t have the skaters on the ice outshine him.  I love that Tara ups her game today with the flowers in her hair.  It’s like they color coordinated their outfits.

Johnny-Weir-Fashion-Diary-Instagram-Sochi-Olympics-2014-01  Screen_Shot_2014-02-11_at_10.37.33_AM

More to come as the snow falls and the Olympics continue.


As you may have heard the east coast has been held captive by the polar vortex.  The month of January saw unusually low temperatures and lots of snow.

It has made for some beautiful pictures.



It has been so cold, though, the snow hasn’t melted.   So it’s either frozen solid or is a slushy mess during the day and an icy mess at night.



This car isn’t going to get out until the end of March!!


Same with this one…


As I sit writing this entry I receive yet another weather alert…and yes, more snow!!!  Call me crazy but I’m loving it and I think it’s because I love watching it fall from my warm and cozy couch sipping hot cocoa with Bailey’s.   Cheers!


“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

For those of you living on the west coast watching the news in your comfortable mild temperatures of 50’s – 60’s or even 70’s-80’s, you have no idea what cold weather is.  You really have nothing to complain about.  Don’t even talk to me about 30-40 degree temps.  That’s balmy compared to what we’ve been dealing with here in New York recently.  For about 10 days we dealt with temperatures brought on by something called the “Polar Vortex” dun dun dduuuhhhnnnn   Yes, the name itself brings to mind catastrophic cold weather colliding with ….with…um more cold weather.   Our high one day was 4, with a wind chill of -17.  Yes, -17…and New Yorkers layered on the clothes, hats, and scarves and braved the freezing temperatures despite the warnings.  We were told to stay inside and not to spend more than 10-15 minutes outside at a time.


Naturally my first instinct was to stay inside and listen to the warnings.  I’m a wimp where cold weather is concerned.  But there was a part of me that was curious what below zero temps felt like.  Our proximity to the subway station is such that we are approximately 100 steps to the station so our exposure to the elements is very limited.  Something we looked for when searching for an apartment.  My husband bundled up and headed off to work each morning and was able to make it to and from work each day with minimal exposure to the cold.  I however had a doctor’s appointment to get to on a day that was 11 with a 0 degree windchill.  So, I layered on the Heat Tech turtleneck, wool sweater, leggings, jeans, Sorel boots, hat, wool scarf and heavy jacket and glove liners and gloves and headed out the door.



As I headed up the block I’m thinking, “I can handle this….not too bad..”  By the time I got half way there, my cheeks were burning and my legs were so cold!  I made it there just fine.  I made it back as well despite the headwind making the tears in my eyes feeling like ice.  Thankfully the Polar Vortex has passed temporarily and we have milder temps for now….37 today….  The second wave of the Polar Vortex returns next week and that means more wonderful super cold weather fashion which I intend to try and record, unless my camera or fingers freeze up.  And yes it did snow…looked so beautiful, but so dangerous and icy.



London Calling


Flying to London from New York takes just about as long as flying to San Francisco, 5 1/2 to 6 hours depending on how long you sit on the runway and a tailwind.   Armed with my iPad mini loaded with books, a movie and games, and snacks to munch on,  we boarded our plane to London.  A documentary, so-so food and a few glasses of wine later we landed in London.   WIth a 6 hour flight  plus the 5 hour time difference, it was 7:30 pm by the time we made it to our hotel.  We left New York at 7:45 am, talk about a long day!  Exhaustion set in so we grabbed a quick bite to eat in the hotel and headed to bed.  Now for some people a 5 hour time difference can be hard to adjust to, especially when it’s 5 hours earlier.  We were trying to go to sleep at 9:00 pm London time but that was only 4:00 pm New York time.   We had a bus tour of London’s highlights at 8:00 am the next morning so we really needed a good nights sleep.  I managed to sleep but my husband did not and decided to stay behind and catch up on sleep.

I have no idea how many people had booked our trip, but I was one of 3 people on the bus tour.  Yes, 3 people.  Our tour guide didn’t seem to mind and actually we got to ask lots of questions and take extra time at our 2 stops.   Once we (driver, tour guide and me) picked up two women at another hotel we were off to see the sights.  Our first stop was St. Paul’s Cathedral, the church where Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles were married.  No pictures are allowed to be taken inside so I found this these two for you.  It’s quite overwhelming and beautiful.

Image  Image Image

Exterior view through small alley. Our next stop was Buckingham Palace and the obligatory changing of the guard.  We were dropped off on a side street and began to walk past an old brick building.  The building was St. James Palace where Prince Charles and Camilla live as well as Prince Harry on occasion.  It is also where William and Kate celebrated the baptism of George in the Chapel Royal.  The palace was built by Henry VIII on the site of the Hospital of St. James, Westminster.   The history here is mind boggling! Image

Around the corner is the entrance used by guests to enter the compound.  It is also a chance to get up close to the guards who watch over it 24/7. Image

On we went down the mall to Buckingham Palace. Image Image

We were also lucky enough to see the British cavalry ride by.  Beautiful horses and shiny hats!  In order to get the best view of the changing of the guard pomp and circumstance we walked back along the mall to the cross street where we had first been dropped off and waited.  Mounted cops stood ready to stop traffic. Image

And finally they arrived.


Very impressive, and to think they do that over and over every day.  We found our way back to the van and headed back to my hotel.  We stayed at the Hilton Metropole which is in a section of London that has become home to a majority of Middle Eastern residents.  Consequently there are lots and lots of restaurants and shops catering to them.  Walking down the street you notice men sitting outside smoking on Hookah pipes.  I’ve never seen so many Hookah bars. On Tuesday I had signed up for a tour of Kensington Palace.  After a better night’s sleep, my husband and I headed off to explore the Palace.  The London Metro is very efficient and clean.  The cars were bright and quiet. Kensington Palace gates.  This is where William and Kate live part of the year. Image

After our tour we decided to head to Harrods Department Store.  My husband’s dad was in the retail business and would come to London once a year to walk the floors of Harrods to get ideas and be inspired.  We had to do the same.  Nothing prepared me for the size of the store.  To say big or huge doesn’t do it justice.  Let’s just say it’s mammoth. Image Image

Here’s my souvenir from the store.  A change purse, now I don’t just throw my change in my bag. Image

Now there was only one more thing to do before our train trip to Paris the next day.   A double decker bus ride!  A cousin had given us a list of his favorite restaurants to try so we picked one and then mapped our route via bus.  Climbing aboard we headed up top and sat right in front. Image

Riding through Piccadilly Circus Image Stepping off at our stop we followed Google maps down an alley where our restaurant was shown to be.  Just as we thought we were really lost, there it was.  A small canopy over the door identifying Joe Allen Restaurant.  Stepping inside we were surrounded by dark wood, hundreds of pictures of celebrities and movie posters, and piano music played by an older gentleman. Image Image

The food was delicious and the experience fantastic!  A perfect end to our first London trip.

The BIG trip to Europe (Planning)

I’d been planning for months.  My first trip to Europe.  My husband’s first trip too, or as he dubbed it, “A for better for worse moment”.  He wasn’t as interested as going but finally agreed and so we were off.  I booked a trip through a travel company, “The London/Paris Week”.  We would have 3 days in London and 3 days in Paris.  On the first full day in each city there would be a general tour of the city and the tourist highlights.  The rest of the time we were on our own to choose from a variety of excursions or wander and explore.  

As luck would have it, my niece is currently an au pair in Munich.  For her birthday my sister and her husband planned to join her there for a vacation.  Knowing this bit of information I asked them if they would mind me tagging along.  They planned on renting an apartment in Munich so I knew there’d be room for me.   They also planned to spend a few days in Vienna and they agreed to include me.  My husband couldn’t take that much time away from work so it was just me.  

OK, tour-check, plane tickets-check, train tickets-check—-> packed and ready to go!!  And yes, I carried my luggage on!  



GO TEAM- New York style!

I have always been a sports fan.  I grew up watching football with my dad on Sunday afternoons.  I’d watch tennis with my mom and she’d comment on how rude Jimmy Connors was or how cute Chris Evert looked.

I never really followed baseball or basketball until my sons started playing T-ball and YMCA basketball.  We lived in Bakersfield at the time and due to its proximity to Los Angeles, became Dodgers and Lakers fans.  I use the term “we” loosely.  Let’s just say when we moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area I no longer cared about Los Angeles teams.

Now that I’m living in New York with my husband, this city and its rabid sports fans have somehow made me want to watch baseball and actually go to a hockey game!  Seriously!??

It all started with the 2011 Super Bowl.  The New York Giants beat the (hated) New England Patriots.  Yes, I’m still bitter over the ridiculous call in the now infamous “Tuck Rule Game” between the Raiders and the Patriots in 2001 AFC Divisional Playoffs.  Sorry, I digress.   We were in temporary housing about 2 blocks off Times Square.  When the final whistle blew and the Giants were crowned the winners, we headed over to Times Square to get the New York victory experience.


Every electric billboard screamed NEW YORK GIANTS SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!  Everyone was cheering and yelling and hugging.  It was crazy!  I was hooked.

Once we settled into our apartment we decided to go to a Yankee game.  We picked a game against the Oakland A’s.  East vs. West.   We rode the subway up to the park with other fans and I actually got really excited to see the World Famous Yankees play in their new stadium.  It is quite a place.  In my opinion the selection of food at ATT Park is better.  It’s hard to beat Gordon Biersch Garlic Fries.  We’re actually headed back in a couple of weeks to see the Giants play.  I WILL be wearing my Giants World Series hat!


Not only have I become interested in following New York’s baseball teams, I also want to go to a Knicks game as well as a Brooklyn Nets game.  Jason Kidd from UC Berkeley is the new coach for the Nets!  I was here for the whole “LinSanity” hype.  It was crazy.  The entire city had become fans of this tall, lanky guy and everyone was coming up with “Lin-isms”.

Image          Image

Next came Tebow.  This city is so sports crazy that they even thought that Tebow was good!!  That is until they saw him play.  I do have to say, the New York Post and the Daily News are pure genius in their covers.  It makes it so much fun to follow sports.  They have the best sports writers in the city.

I have even attended the U.S. Open Tennis in Queens.  Super easy trip on the 7 train out to the tennis complex.  I really have enjoyed going to the matches and becoming familiar with the players.  FYI, I’m a big Nadal fan.


So here’s the real shocker….I want to go to a New York Rangers game.  YES!  HOCKEY!  Thanks to my son I am now becoming interested in following hockey.  He’s been a San Jose Sharks fan for a long time.  He and his girlfriend are BIG fans actually.   I’ll have to ask them to give me a crash course in what to watch for in games.

I don’t know what it is about New York, but I’m now more open to watching a Yankees game or a Knicks game.  During the different sports seasons fans show their allegiance to the Jets or Giants, Yankees or Mets, Knicks or Nets, etc.  I now own a Jets, Rangers and US Open tee shirt.  So far….

Since this is the first official day of the start of football season, GO JETS!!  GO GIANTS!!

(go raiders)

New York Transit Museum


Yes, you read that right, The New York Transit Museum.  You are probably thinking to yourself, “Have they been to all of the other museums in town and this is what’s left?”  LOL, well no and believe me I was a bit hesitant as well when my husband made the suggestion last weekend.  What caught his eye was a small blurb in our weekly Time Out magazine about an exhibit of record album covers shot in the subways of New York.  Sounding a bit more interesting yet?  How about the fact that the museum is in an old subway station and has vintage subway cars.  It peeked my interest so off we went to Brooklyn in search of the Transit Museum.


We found the station entrance at Boerum Place in Brooklyn and down we went into the partially air conditioned subway station that is now the museum.  Luckily we have been experiencing unseasonably cool weather for August and they had HUGE fans running to keep cooler air circulating.

We wound our way around looking for the album exhibit and passed these old turnstiles that were huge and made of wood.




We finally found the room which was relatively small and happened to be looping the extended play video of BAD by Michael Jackson.  It was actually shot at that station!   I don’t remember the video being so dark and scary but the little kids in there with their parents were getting creeped out.

I’d say there were about 30 covers on display.



Image Image

We then wandered down between the old vintage subway cars.  We admired the old rattan seats and the linoleum floors.



Some even had ceiling fans!


As we noticed the ceiling fans I’m also drawn to the ads running along the sides of the cars.  Suddenly I am fascinated by these snapshots from the past.



Here’s the predecessor to “If you see something, say something”!!



Love the woman in this ad.

And here is Miss Subways, Sonia Dominguez.  They stopped having a Miss Subways in 1976.  She was the first Miss Subways from the Dominican Republic.


What started out as a big question mark of a day turned into a blast from the past in more ways than one.  We caught our train home and started looking at what to do next weekend.






At the very end of Long Island is a quiet little town called Montauk.  It’s out past “The Hamptons”.  From our place in Manhattan it’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive.  In October of 2012 my husband and I drove out there to see family from my husband’s side of the family.  It was fun driving through all the little towns that make up what we know as The Hamptons.  




The main difference though is not every town has such high end shops like Hermes, Tiffany’s and Trina Turk.  


We first met up with my husband’s cousin at his office downtown.  Now downtown in Montauk is a throwback to small towns of the 60’s.  Very quaint and quiet.  Well in October it was quiet.  Many places had closed for the winter.  Our host gave us a great tour of the town and we ended up out at the lighthouse.   It’s the oldest lighthouse in New York and was commissioned by President George Washington in 1792!  



After dinner we tagged along with our cousins to a German bar where an Oompah Band  was playing for Octoberfest.  You haven’t lived until you hear an Oompah Band playing Journey and singing with about a hundred of your new best friends!


Fast forward to August and we decide to make the trek out to Montauk for another family gathering.  Rather than drive we decided to take the Long Island Railroad.  The trip is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours but we don’t have to worry about traffic or getting lost.   




Arriving at Penn Station everyone stands in front of this big screen.  It really is quite funny to see all these people standing and staring at this big board, waiting to see which track our train will be waiting on.  This key piece of information is not made public until about 5-10 minutes before departure!  When the track is announced it’s a stampede down the escalator/stairs to the train.  




A stop or two down the tracks we transfer to the Montauk bound train and settle in for a 2 hour trip.  








It’s so wonderful to observe life from a train window.  Yes it goes by quickly but you also get to stop at little towns along the way.  








We arrive in Montauk and we’re greeted by the elder cousin, but not before being bombarded by taxi drivers eager to take you downtown.  




The center of town has an adorable bandstand.  




Since we had to catch a 5:30 train back to Manhattan we all headed down to the water to have a delicious meal at Gosman’s Restaurant.  We watched the boats coming and going while eating lobster, shrimp or crab cakes.  All was very yummy!





Image Image

And who can pass up dessert??



Flourless Chocolate Cake   Kicking myself for not getting a picture of the “Classic Root Beer Float” with chocolate straw!  


So our time in Montauk this day was brief but we shared many family stories and enjoyed beautiful views.  I leave you now with a shot of this beautiful hydrangea bush in the backyard of our host’s home.   A bittersweet reminder of growing up with these bushes in my own backyard and thinking about my mom and dad.  






Food, Glorious Food

To the best of my recollection, I have not had a bad meal since arriving here.   When looking for an apartment we focused on the Upper West Side (UWS) not realizing the number of great restaurants in the neighborhood.  Between 72nd and 110th there must be a minimum of 100 restaurants.  We have been to maybe 10. We have settled in to 3-4 favorites.  However in the quest to find more options, we’ve now committed to eating at a different restaurant each time we go out.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover one of our favorite places to eat when we would visit NY is right around the corner.

Gennaro– a quaint Italian restaurant about 2 blocks from us.  It started as a wine bar and has eventually grown into a beautiful space that makes me think of Italy.

It’s very unassuming from the front.


The interior is a bit cramped, but comfortable.


They serve the BEST gnocchi in the world.  They melt in your mouth and the sauce is so fresh!


Blockheads– Billed as “authentic, healthy San Francisco-Mexian food”,   their specialty is the burrito.  They offer lots of combinations but my favorite is “naked”, sans tortilla, BBQ roast pork adobo with sautéed spinach.   Thanks to a visit from our Phoenix friends, I am now hooked on their homemade tofu sour cream.  No, really, it is amazingly good.  The main attraction though is the Mexican Bulldog they serve.  It’s a margarita with a Coronita inverted into the glass.  As you drink, the beer flows into the cup and you have a mix of beer and margarita.


My husband says they’re wonderful.  Me, I prefer their Margaritas, and at $4 each, it’s easy to have more than one.


Brother Jimmy’s BBQ-“Put some south in yo mouth!” Great bbq food, awesome ribs, served 3 ways, pulled pork, fried brussel sprouts (fav) and the drinks!  OMG their cocktails are awesome!  I love the Carolina Cooler-“A new take on a Brother Jimmy’s classic cocktail- Made with SKYY Vodka, fresh lemonade, blue curaçao and muddles lemons”.

It’s bright blue and served in a mason jar. The Louisville Lemonade is good as well, so good we asked for the recipe! (we’ve discovered it also goes my other “city” names)


One place has become our go to restaurant, it’s Calle Ocho, serving Cuban food.  It has a great menu and atmosphere.  We have a favorite waiter, “T” (Tico) who is a DJ on the side.  He programs the background music for the place.  He’s very friendly and goes the extra mile to make sure you’re happy.  He and the manager of the place have known each other since middle school.  On Sunday’s they have an amazing brunch with free refills of their amazing Sangria. They have a variety of red and white that are delicious.  Reservations are a must.


S’Mac– Yes, a place that serves nothing but Mac & Cheese!  Incredibly small place that’s always packed.  They even have gluten free pasta!  My favorite is the Alpine, A Swiss Mac that keeps you coming back for more. Gruyere coupled with its partner in crime, slab bacon. Hard to resist!  It is served in very hot cast iron skillets that keep your food hot until it’s gone.


And last, but not least is a “Mexican Speak Easy” place in NoLita (North of little Italy).  We discovered this place when a friend visited us from California.  The three of us met up with friends at the top of The Peninsula Hotel where there is a rooftop bar.  Crazy as it was we had a drink there in the middle of winter!  While there we were invited to tag along for dinner at a place known as La Esquina, a “speak-easy” Mexican restaurant.  Off we went on our adventure.

From the front, La Esquina looks like  a run of the mill taqueria.


Inside is very small, then you notice a person standing in front of a door that says, “Employees Only”.   We gave our name to this person, they check a list and then the door is opened and we go down a steep staircase.  Once down there we are greeted by a hostess who instructs us to “go through the kitchen” to the coat check which then leads to the bar.  Now I must tell you that the pictures of the bar are from the restaurant’s website as we were told “NO PICTURES!”.  This was after our friend is snapping pictures of everything.  The manager came over and asked to see her pictures and was told to delete some!  Wow, they are really protective of what goes on there!  I guess they have famous people come in all the time and the policy is to create an environment where there is no worries of paparazzi.  But I digress…. We walk into a dark, low ceilinged bar with buckets hanging from pipes labeled FIRE.  A bit unnerving!



Notice the candelabra..and the tequila.  They have more brands of tequila than I knew existed!

We are shown a table and proceed to order some of the best food I’ve ever tasted.  The Mexican Street Corn was out of this world!  Grilled corn on the cob with butter and then rolled in cheese.  Here’s a sample of our order.


It is a fun atmosphere and the food matches it’s mysterious aura.  We’ve been back a few times and had great food every time.

As we continue to discover new places  I will continue to share.  Bon Appetite!